Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Travis Biggs-Solar Funk....Resin Ball Daydream

Mo'waxrops,Mo' waxrips,Mo' waxrips!Baaam!!!Travis Biggs for a buck,sucka ducks,no dollar bin is safe from the diabolical ,Dr. Fingers Schaffer!Check out Tibetian Serenity.The rest of the record?take it anyway you want it.Light some Nag Champa,drink your favorite.overpriced ,herbal tea or be a no class,dirtball,dope fiend like me and smoke a fat ball of resin to relax.Meditate on Shaolin Monks kicking ass in the mid-seventies,Soul Train fighting style to a funky,jazzy,disco beat.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Robbie McDougall-Self Titled...Canadian Lalo Axelrod?Or imposter fragrance?

I can't remember where I scored this?It was either the Record Troll's dungeon of delightful digs or the dollar bin at "that place"I am always bitching about.Anyways I kinda like it.I'm a sucker for unclassifiable,cinematic music.It's got some moments, nothing you would play outside of your personal listening space.There's times that it has an Axelrod/Schifrin minus the burly drums sound.I think this is supposed to be a gospel record and it may be Canadian in origin,Which would explain it all(soree a-boot that ay?c'mon I love Canada! they have democratically elected leaders,bomb ass,legal chronic and don't bomb the bejeezus out smaller countries for oil!)I may have to relocate there if shit here gets too hairy,hide your wax you maple syrup,hockey lovin'(insert your own Canadian stereotype here)-------,assed,motherfuckers!.....
Not to stray from the subject,but how is it Canadian presses of american released records are always cheaper than the american pressings?I got a copy of Dennis Coffey 's Back Home and Tonto's Expanding Head Band's Zero Time for $5.00 a piece because some old,skulleted,Nazareth freak who was selling em' said "they were Canadian"?They didn't sound like a shitty press.Maybe the old,skulleted,Nazareth freak needed some meth money and blaming the cheap price on Canada made sense,Who knows?.I might be coming to Canada sooner than I think.
Anyways ,let me know what you think good people and keep in mind the subtitle beneath the Dollar Bin says"FROM TURD TO TREASURE"treasure to some turd to others.


Syl Johnson-Total Explosion....Ha Ha ! ,I caught Czechmate slippin'

I sometimes wonder why any of my cohorts still are down for a dig with me.I'm a pretty laid back cat for the most part,but you know how some pricks act when they drink too much and are trying to impress the chick you happen to be talking to, something about the wax turns me into the biggest asshole.I'm like the Terrell Owens of digging.This shit is a competitive sport motherfuckers!I've done everything short of spitting on them.I muscle my way past anyone with me when we enter.If you come within an elbow's length of me at the bins,you get checked in the ribs.Which causes my friends to hit up another section or go to the opposite end of the same bin,If they do choose the opposite end of the same bin I immediately abandon my end and offensively push up right next to them so I get to the next rack before them.God forbid they cop heat before me,A battery of filthy shit-talking,profanity relating to their mother and loved ones and/or sexual orientation will violently ensue forth from my mouth.And don't let me catch you slippin,cause' if I cop heat out of a bin you have already tainted with your unworthy fingers,that shit will get thrown up in your face for at least a week afterwards and on occasion from time to time for the rest of your life.So HA!HA!FUCKIN HA!!!!!!!!!!!Czechmate.I Know you remember last month at the Czech Center.Shoulda ate yer Wheaties Ho!!!!How in Roger William's Hell did you snooze past the sweet,soulful Syl Johnson for the pittance of one measly buck?Probably too busy thinking about John Travolta's camel toe.That shit is dope!!! Shall we have another listen?Yes,one more time,sleeper cell.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oliver Sain-Bus Stop

I thought it would be good to follow up Czechmate's 1st post with this.My personal fav of Oliver Sain's catalog.For those who don't know this local legend,he is known mostly for crafting several hits for Fontella Bass.
I copped this one while on a trip to my other hometown Memphis,I had a child support hearing that didn't turn out so well and $20.00 bucks to spare,so Buddy suggested I take him on a tour of wax spots in the M-town before we head back to the Lou,my problems would be distracted for a hot minute as I reminisced about better days And hit up some old haunts for some sweet soul music and a little southern hospitality.Shangri-la,Last Chance,Audiomania were all still there.Buddy was blown away by the prices and selection of heat as well as how friendly and knowledgeable the clerks were.When I lived there I took all this for granted(like my baby's momma).We hit up a new spot on Cooper St. named Goner Records that appeared sometime in the last 3 years.(damn,it's been a long time),I was down to my last 10 bucks so I had to go super sleuthing.How odd and ironic it was for me to find this,on a personal level that I will not go any further into.A measly $2.50 was all I paid for this.When I approached the counter the clerk hit me with"Damn you found the bait,man!"Budd shot me a cold,jealous stare and mumbled a couple of mutherfuckers.I gloated a shit eating grin and felt a little better.I didn't get to see my little girl but god gave me a little consolation prize.
Ever since Oliver Sain passed away a few years ago,local St. Louis record stores went retarded on prices I've seen this record fetch an upwards of $30.00 on every shelf in the city.As I was ripping this today I came to the conclusion that,Oliver Sain's sound was similar to his city,St. Louis is the halfway point between Memphis and Chicago,gritty,sweaty Memphis soul sauced up with a little Chicago sophistication and polish.Hope ya'll can hear past the dustiness of this,it's a little poppy but no skips.Enjoy this my good peoples!


Ricco Wake & Tyrome Burrell-Smash Inflation/Pleasure Seekers,Vanessa 45-Sweet Heat from a Leaf Sweep

Such sweet serendipitous slabs of inSain St. Louis soul - I try and shake off my slackery so as to feed you fiends - hold steady, waxie, you'll get your fix - As muddy and I recover from the St. Patty's day shamrockery and grapple with the lofty weight of Axelrodian revelations I am transported to another time (3 years ago) and place (3 miles away) - This was a darker time in my life when my main responsibilities included finding a ride to the methadone clinic, the probation office, and passing drug tests at both places - If Burroughs had written "Junkie" to be twice as long and focused as heavily on wax as on dope you would have a good picture of nearly 10 years of my life - my digging was relegated to the thrift stores and flea markets which I'm kind of partial to anyway, but they aren't very consistent - Jobless and aimless, moms gets me a gig doing yardwork for her friend Aunt Shirley (not my real aunt by relation but probably everyone's aunt by kindred ship) - I show up the first day she shows me where the rakes and shovels and shit are in the garage - I go out and work for a while and return to get a new implement - I grab a rake, move some stuff, and pick up some bags and then BANG! there it is a full crate - The front record was "Here, My Dear" - My leg started twitching and shaking uncontrollably - I began sweating profusely - My trembling hand quickly dug through the gold dust - The crate was stacked, everything from early Motown to later Miles; Weather Report to Funkadelic - I tried to keep busy with the yard work until Aunt Shirley got home - When she did, I inquired manically about the records, asking if instead of her paying me I could just take the records - "Oh, Lord, those 'ol things? I forgot they were out there. You'd be doing me a favor taking them. I think there's a box of 45's around here somewhere." I shifted some piles in the garage and found the booty under some leaves - Just as scorching as the first crate - Among the bounty was a 45 by an artist I'd never heard of on a label I'd never heard of - The only indication of the molten core contained within was the producer - St. Louis' sainted soul savior Oliver Sain - Aunt Shirley gave me the records and paid me anyway cuz that's how Aunt Shirley rocks it - Good fortune berths good fortune thus, enjoy some of the nastiest funk, and all its karmic implications, to come out of the STL - God Bless You, Aunt Shirley - In closing, seek solace in the siren sounds you pleasure seeking, inflation smashing, Oliver Saints


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ramsey Lewis-Mother Nature's Son...meet Mic Czechmate

Here we are ..the sounds of Rufus Harley's bagpipe blast through the speakers and me and Czechmate have just separated the remnants of some remaining St. Paddy's day magic shamrocks that I've reluctantly choked down with a gulp of Old Style we have a quarterbag of dust left...hold on..oh sweet Jesus! I abhor the heap of cowshit taste these things leave on the palate...make that a half of a quarter left....
let's not stray too far from the purpose.I have two objectives in this post
1. To weave the decadent and depraved retelling of how this gem was found and what can be expected when you hear it.
2 To introduce one of my wax sniffing, cohorts ,confidants,co-defendants as well as a co-conspirator who will post next on this blog with some sweet heat of his own.He is the victim of an evil wraith that I mentioned in a previous post.The foul, lecherous doppleganger of our boy Czechmate haunts every dig in this fair city.One day the doomed spirit will face us!This one,who is called JASON.DO NOT SPEAK OF THE CURSED DAMNED!!!!!THE HOLY WAX IS OURS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!
so let's get this story rolling before the burning in my stomach turns into something increasingly incomprehensible...let's see where were we? ah yes UUHhh..ok Ramsey Lewis-Mother nature's Son.this story begins a couple of years ago at an outdoor swapmeet in a humble little berg called Peavley ,the next county over, bout a hour's jag ,south ,down I-55 from St Louis ,where an early morning, free commerce ,ritual takes place every sunday.Meth gypsies,coke swilling,junk scavengers and old people from a sect that think "strings that attach to your glasses to keep them from falling off are the most ingenious hustle known to man"all of them gather to scoff,haggle and weasel themselves into a unbelievable bargain at the swap meet....
remember the objectives asshole!!good thing i outlined them before i started ,there is really no point to read on,or continue writing for that matter.....hope i post the right file...oh well we'll sort it out later.i gotta go.
Sorry folks had an epiphany while listening to Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience back to back.Shit almost got dangerous last night.It's a good thing nobody was armed.Let me mention a few things about this album that I failed to touch upon last night.Regardless of your feelings about the Beatles or Ramsey Lewis you should listen to this.I have to mention the arranger of this album,he did an awesome job.He is also responsible for the moog and theremin noodleling between the tracks.He goes by the name of Charles Stepney.That is all.Over and out

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lady B./To The Beat Ya'll

Found this little piece of hip hop history in the most unlikely of spots.Things usually go down like this when me and Buddy go on a dig,he's a driver and at the flick of a jackrabbit's erection we will end up in the most ungodly of places.this time it was westward, on the path of white flight ,into an affluent St Louis suburb,in their local goodwill,Where you can expect the forced smiles of bored mongoloids from behind the counter and geeked out housewives looking for a bargain on more shit to piss off their husbands with,the kind who secretly snort blow while madly clipping coupons.
anyways I throw Buddy a couple of elbows on our way in and make my way past him towards the part of the store with the records.I immediately spot a shimmering pile of sealed 12's and descend upon them like a kid with the christmas morning jones,the flight of the Valkyries playing in my head,signifying to myself that something worthwhile may be had.fingers shaking,fumbling,eyes honing in on the labels....looks like lame disco 12's, K.C. And the Sunshine Band,air city records,manhole records,w.t.f.?earthworks,t.k. records!dope! 3 Sealed George Macrae full lengths!then i see this."T.E.C records Lady B.?To The Beat Ya'll 1979
this couldn't be hip hop.probably disco at the best, oh well,50 cents? so what.I'll take the hole fucking lot even the manhole record.you never know some of the most lame disco can be pretty ill when you screw it down a bit on the pitch.made my way to the checkout with a healthy stack where the mongoloid behind the counter welcomed our transaction with"jeez,there was another guy an hour ago who bought a bunch of these too,we just put 'em out."."oh yeah!" says buddy"i bet it was that motherfuckin doppleganger,that son of a bitch is always tainting the digs!"buddy begins to grill the increasingly frightened mongoloid for a description."did he have a beard?glasses?bout' a buck sixty? 5'8?black hair?did he say his name was jason?the mongoloid stuttered confused babble to keep up with buddy guns barrage"i .i .iya ,ummm uh .kinda ?i ,i, don't know.i notice the seething hate ,fervently swell in the eyes of bud and drowning rat, fear in the clerk's eyes,i tactfully opted to buddy that this situation can easily take a turn for the worse if we don't get while the gettin's good.anyway,enough of this.the tale of the doppleganger will have to be another post ,besides you're here for the music,which may very well be one of the earliest hip hop records i know besides rapper's delight(o.g.s please excuse my ignorance i wasn't hip till run dmc came around)the only thing i know about this record is what's on the label,she may be from philly at least that's where she recorded it.i think i remember finding out she was a radio d.j. upon my first investigation a while back after I copped the record.who the hell knows?things tend to get shuffled when they spend too much time in my head.anyways hope you enjoy it and don't get vertigo from trying to read the piss poor photo of the label.p.s it's only 1 track,same thing on both sides