Monday, March 12, 2007

Lady B./To The Beat Ya'll

Found this little piece of hip hop history in the most unlikely of spots.Things usually go down like this when me and Buddy go on a dig,he's a driver and at the flick of a jackrabbit's erection we will end up in the most ungodly of places.this time it was westward, on the path of white flight ,into an affluent St Louis suburb,in their local goodwill,Where you can expect the forced smiles of bored mongoloids from behind the counter and geeked out housewives looking for a bargain on more shit to piss off their husbands with,the kind who secretly snort blow while madly clipping coupons.
anyways I throw Buddy a couple of elbows on our way in and make my way past him towards the part of the store with the records.I immediately spot a shimmering pile of sealed 12's and descend upon them like a kid with the christmas morning jones,the flight of the Valkyries playing in my head,signifying to myself that something worthwhile may be had.fingers shaking,fumbling,eyes honing in on the labels....looks like lame disco 12's, K.C. And the Sunshine Band,air city records,manhole records,w.t.f.?earthworks,t.k. records!dope! 3 Sealed George Macrae full lengths!then i see this."T.E.C records Lady B.?To The Beat Ya'll 1979
this couldn't be hip hop.probably disco at the best, oh well,50 cents? so what.I'll take the hole fucking lot even the manhole never know some of the most lame disco can be pretty ill when you screw it down a bit on the pitch.made my way to the checkout with a healthy stack where the mongoloid behind the counter welcomed our transaction with"jeez,there was another guy an hour ago who bought a bunch of these too,we just put 'em out."."oh yeah!" says buddy"i bet it was that motherfuckin doppleganger,that son of a bitch is always tainting the digs!"buddy begins to grill the increasingly frightened mongoloid for a description."did he have a beard?glasses?bout' a buck sixty? 5'8?black hair?did he say his name was jason?the mongoloid stuttered confused babble to keep up with buddy guns barrage"i .i .iya ,ummm uh .kinda ?i ,i, don't know.i notice the seething hate ,fervently swell in the eyes of bud and drowning rat, fear in the clerk's eyes,i tactfully opted to buddy that this situation can easily take a turn for the worse if we don't get while the gettin's good.anyway,enough of this.the tale of the doppleganger will have to be another post ,besides you're here for the music,which may very well be one of the earliest hip hop records i know besides rapper's delight(o.g.s please excuse my ignorance i wasn't hip till run dmc came around)the only thing i know about this record is what's on the label,she may be from philly at least that's where she recorded it.i think i remember finding out she was a radio d.j. upon my first investigation a while back after I copped the record.who the hell knows?things tend to get shuffled when they spend too much time in my head.anyways hope you enjoy it and don't get vertigo from trying to read the piss poor photo of the label.p.s it's only 1 track,same thing on both sides

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cmyk said...

Ah sheit, the dl link seems to be fubar. :( enjoyed the story, tho. :)