Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oliver Sain-Bus Stop

I thought it would be good to follow up Czechmate's 1st post with this.My personal fav of Oliver Sain's catalog.For those who don't know this local legend,he is known mostly for crafting several hits for Fontella Bass.
I copped this one while on a trip to my other hometown Memphis,I had a child support hearing that didn't turn out so well and $20.00 bucks to spare,so Buddy suggested I take him on a tour of wax spots in the M-town before we head back to the Lou,my problems would be distracted for a hot minute as I reminisced about better days And hit up some old haunts for some sweet soul music and a little southern hospitality.Shangri-la,Last Chance,Audiomania were all still there.Buddy was blown away by the prices and selection of heat as well as how friendly and knowledgeable the clerks were.When I lived there I took all this for granted(like my baby's momma).We hit up a new spot on Cooper St. named Goner Records that appeared sometime in the last 3 years.(damn,it's been a long time),I was down to my last 10 bucks so I had to go super sleuthing.How odd and ironic it was for me to find this,on a personal level that I will not go any further into.A measly $2.50 was all I paid for this.When I approached the counter the clerk hit me with"Damn you found the bait,man!"Budd shot me a cold,jealous stare and mumbled a couple of mutherfuckers.I gloated a shit eating grin and felt a little better.I didn't get to see my little girl but god gave me a little consolation prize.
Ever since Oliver Sain passed away a few years ago,local St. Louis record stores went retarded on prices I've seen this record fetch an upwards of $30.00 on every shelf in the city.As I was ripping this today I came to the conclusion that,Oliver Sain's sound was similar to his city,St. Louis is the halfway point between Memphis and Chicago,gritty,sweaty Memphis soul sauced up with a little Chicago sophistication and polish.Hope ya'll can hear past the dustiness of this,it's a little poppy but no skips.Enjoy this my good peoples!


thebeathunters said...

you guys are hitting us with serious good music and strong twisted stories about it. i'm not sure if i prefer either the sounds or the subtitles,
i guess both work well together up to the next level so keep'em coming for jazz sake!

atticablues74 said...

This is totaaly dope,$30 UK sides.
Laid Back. Tell Me about it!