Monday, March 26, 2007

Syl Johnson-Total Explosion....Ha Ha ! ,I caught Czechmate slippin'

I sometimes wonder why any of my cohorts still are down for a dig with me.I'm a pretty laid back cat for the most part,but you know how some pricks act when they drink too much and are trying to impress the chick you happen to be talking to, something about the wax turns me into the biggest asshole.I'm like the Terrell Owens of digging.This shit is a competitive sport motherfuckers!I've done everything short of spitting on them.I muscle my way past anyone with me when we enter.If you come within an elbow's length of me at the bins,you get checked in the ribs.Which causes my friends to hit up another section or go to the opposite end of the same bin,If they do choose the opposite end of the same bin I immediately abandon my end and offensively push up right next to them so I get to the next rack before them.God forbid they cop heat before me,A battery of filthy shit-talking,profanity relating to their mother and loved ones and/or sexual orientation will violently ensue forth from my mouth.And don't let me catch you slippin,cause' if I cop heat out of a bin you have already tainted with your unworthy fingers,that shit will get thrown up in your face for at least a week afterwards and on occasion from time to time for the rest of your life.So HA!HA!FUCKIN HA!!!!!!!!!!!Czechmate.I Know you remember last month at the Czech Center.Shoulda ate yer Wheaties Ho!!!!How in Roger William's Hell did you snooze past the sweet,soulful Syl Johnson for the pittance of one measly buck?Probably too busy thinking about John Travolta's camel toe.That shit is dope!!! Shall we have another listen?Yes,one more time,sleeper cell.

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Take The money And Run said...

HA ha ha ! You're a sick dude. Great blog!