Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Travis Biggs-Solar Funk....Resin Ball Daydream

Mo'waxrops,Mo' waxrips,Mo' waxrips!Baaam!!!Travis Biggs for a buck,sucka ducks,no dollar bin is safe from the diabolical ,Dr. Fingers Schaffer!Check out Tibetian Serenity.The rest of the record?take it anyway you want it.Light some Nag Champa,drink your favorite.overpriced ,herbal tea or be a no class,dirtball,dope fiend like me and smoke a fat ball of resin to relax.Meditate on Shaolin Monks kicking ass in the mid-seventies,Soul Train fighting style to a funky,jazzy,disco beat.



thebeathunters said...

another nice slice of funk... you're a digger's nightmare, muddy!good for us though

atticablues74 said...

Greetings Boogers from somewhere in post industrial Northern England. I love the shit you've dropped on here and TSSO.
Thanks Man.

Jon said...

Mr. Boogers, I keep coming back hoping these files will become available again. Either way, some incredible finds. I've never seen these records anywhere else.

ganietzsche said...