Sunday, April 22, 2007

Julian Priester And Marine Intrusion-Polarization

Heard the first cut sampled by somebody on a solid steel comp,plenty of isolated trumpet.Some nice freeform jazz happening here,but the cat's ass is the last cut.A full fledged jazz funk banger that sounds very familiar to me but still is hot shit.

Mystic Moods Orchestra-City Nights......1 Outta 20 Somthing Ain't Bad

If you hit up the bins there should be a record by the Mystic Moods Orchestra in there somewhere.I can't pass em' up.I own enough to lose count and feel embarrassed.They are usually pretty lame,a couple of dope samples at the most,but this one,brothers and sisters,is a solid listen.If any of you have anything by the"MMO"as dope or doper than this one,I would most definitely appreciate the heads up .

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oliver Sain-Blue Max......Some More Dusty Slabs From The Lou's Finest

The album starts off with one of my favorite Sain joints"Party Hearty"the rest of the album is alright not as dope as bus stop,in my "doesn't count for dogshit"opinion but it's still hot shit either way.I plan on posting his greatest hits record soon which I saw 5 sealed copys of for 16 beans apiece yesterday at that place I'm always bitching about(I copped mine a couple of years ago at the wellston swap meet sealed for a buck)just throwin that out there to stroke my own ego I'm like an old lady who feels like she's gettin over with double coupons for prune juice and has to tell everybody about it.who gives a shit.

Floyd Cramer & The Keyboard Kick Band.......This Ain't Your Granny's Floyd Cramer

Damn Floyd!Who woulda thought you had it in ya?!I mean come on dude,you've littered the thrift store landscape with shitty records for as long as I can remember.You,Andy and Roger Williams,Jim Nabors,Rod Mckuen,Peter Frampton, we could solve the oil crisis for another 50 years if we melted down all of the shitty records you guys made,but you showed us!you could funk shit up with the best of em (or at least half of your album can,you couldn't forget your core audience all the way,could you?)Anyways some of you may recognize some stuff on this album that has been sampled.There is guaranteed at least 2 hot joints on this and the rest is very flippable,Don't be a sucka and sleep on this one if you see it at your local thrift store.I'm tellin you man!Hot shit cousins.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Eddie Senay-Hot Thang....Courtesy of the guy on the floor next to the guy on the couch

To make a long story short.....Once upon a time there was this cat who looked like a rapist and was kicked out of an anarchist commune on the southside with nowhere to go,he made beats,collected records,seemed like an alright dude,so Czechmate bein' the compassionate one,offered to let him crash out till he got on his feet.That turned into 4or5 months of free livin for this cat.He would eat our food,sleep in Czechmate's semen encrusted bed all day instead of looking for a job.He once ate our freshly cooked hamburgers while we went to the store to get buns,we came back minus 2 burgers!Class act all the way.He never chipped in once.Anyways we had already had all we could stand for quite a while,but the breaking point for me was when my cousin,Buddy gave him a gig painting a house he was working on,the rapist fucks up completely and jacks off the rest of the time so Bud fires him and then ask him how much he owes him,the rapist tells him $200.00 bucks(And Buddy actually gave it to him !).I get pretty heated when I hear the whole story from Bud.I tell Czechmate that when I get home from work that I will confront the rapist and tell him to make good with Bud and get the fuck out.Czechmate dealt with it before me,he told him how Ill I got over the bullshit and that he has to go.So when I get home Mike tells me the deal I ask "what about Bud?"Czechmate says the rapist said he will finish the job.Afterwards Buddy ends up giving the dude a ride to Iowa,well at least the border,Bud said he made him walk the rest of the way to Davenport.He left behind all of his records,this post is the hottest joint in his crates,We are moving in a month if I have to move his records,they will become mine.Does this sound unreasonable?I'm not going to just leave them.Fuck that shit!It's wax!even though most of em are scrub ass,skippin, pieces of shit,I still will not abandon them.

Hal Blaine-Have Fun!!!Play Drums!!!With The West Coast's Number 1 Drummer/For My Brothers In Arms....Or If You Want To Learn How To Play Drums

This one's for you labrats as well as you oddball fucks.Another meth gypsy bargain.This junt is sooooooooper,fuggin dusty,got a couple of skips.The first side is a drum tutorial and side b is examples of how rigid you will play after you master Hal's lesson,all of Hal's magnificent drumming confined to a few cheap,vaguely familiar,pop ,ditties.For the non-beatmaking sect check out the last cut on the album,called "The Invaders"Enjoy,digital diggers.