Monday, April 9, 2007

Eddie Senay-Hot Thang....Courtesy of the guy on the floor next to the guy on the couch

To make a long story short.....Once upon a time there was this cat who looked like a rapist and was kicked out of an anarchist commune on the southside with nowhere to go,he made beats,collected records,seemed like an alright dude,so Czechmate bein' the compassionate one,offered to let him crash out till he got on his feet.That turned into 4or5 months of free livin for this cat.He would eat our food,sleep in Czechmate's semen encrusted bed all day instead of looking for a job.He once ate our freshly cooked hamburgers while we went to the store to get buns,we came back minus 2 burgers!Class act all the way.He never chipped in once.Anyways we had already had all we could stand for quite a while,but the breaking point for me was when my cousin,Buddy gave him a gig painting a house he was working on,the rapist fucks up completely and jacks off the rest of the time so Bud fires him and then ask him how much he owes him,the rapist tells him $200.00 bucks(And Buddy actually gave it to him !).I get pretty heated when I hear the whole story from Bud.I tell Czechmate that when I get home from work that I will confront the rapist and tell him to make good with Bud and get the fuck out.Czechmate dealt with it before me,he told him how Ill I got over the bullshit and that he has to go.So when I get home Mike tells me the deal I ask "what about Bud?"Czechmate says the rapist said he will finish the job.Afterwards Buddy ends up giving the dude a ride to Iowa,well at least the border,Bud said he made him walk the rest of the way to Davenport.He left behind all of his records,this post is the hottest joint in his crates,We are moving in a month if I have to move his records,they will become mine.Does this sound unreasonable?I'm not going to just leave them.Fuck that shit!It's wax!even though most of em are scrub ass,skippin, pieces of shit,I still will not abandon them.


thebeathunters said...

damn! sure these albums are yours! and this rapist is some POS- at least he had a solid pick in his crates
thanks for the sound and the story!

Slidewell said...

When I had the occasional 3 bucks to buy albums back in the early 70's, this Eddie Senay was one I kept picking up from the racks, but there was always some 2nd rate British prog I wanted that trumped shelling out for something that had the look of a seriously funky sound, but you know, I've been burned before, buying shit 'cuz I liked the cover.
Anyway, thanks to you, Mr Muddy Boogers, I discover it would've been worth the 3 big ones back in the day. Not a 4 star effort, but damn, pretty nice.

Maybe I should also thank the guy on the floor next to the guy on the couch? Nah.