Sunday, April 15, 2007

Floyd Cramer & The Keyboard Kick Band.......This Ain't Your Granny's Floyd Cramer

Damn Floyd!Who woulda thought you had it in ya?!I mean come on dude,you've littered the thrift store landscape with shitty records for as long as I can remember.You,Andy and Roger Williams,Jim Nabors,Rod Mckuen,Peter Frampton, we could solve the oil crisis for another 50 years if we melted down all of the shitty records you guys made,but you showed us!you could funk shit up with the best of em (or at least half of your album can,you couldn't forget your core audience all the way,could you?)Anyways some of you may recognize some stuff on this album that has been sampled.There is guaranteed at least 2 hot joints on this and the rest is very flippable,Don't be a sucka and sleep on this one if you see it at your local thrift store.I'm tellin you man!Hot shit cousins.


who FEELS IT KNOWS IT said...

hey there..mediafire says the file is set to private..any chance i can hear this record ..???

Adam Eleven said...

Toooooooooo bad I came too late (file seems to be there but isn't accessible). Don't know anything about Floyd Cramer's Keyboard Kick Band....but the Cover is sexy (is that an ARP 2600 suitcase on top of the organ?).