Monday, April 9, 2007

Hal Blaine-Have Fun!!!Play Drums!!!With The West Coast's Number 1 Drummer/For My Brothers In Arms....Or If You Want To Learn How To Play Drums

This one's for you labrats as well as you oddball fucks.Another meth gypsy bargain.This junt is sooooooooper,fuggin dusty,got a couple of skips.The first side is a drum tutorial and side b is examples of how rigid you will play after you master Hal's lesson,all of Hal's magnificent drumming confined to a few cheap,vaguely familiar,pop ,ditties.For the non-beatmaking sect check out the last cut on the album,called "The Invaders"Enjoy,digital diggers.

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Liam said...

what up skip! a lot of ur links are deaded son----