Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oliver Sain-Blue Max......Some More Dusty Slabs From The Lou's Finest

The album starts off with one of my favorite Sain joints"Party Hearty"the rest of the album is alright not as dope as bus stop,in my "doesn't count for dogshit"opinion but it's still hot shit either way.I plan on posting his greatest hits record soon which I saw 5 sealed copys of for 16 beans apiece yesterday at that place I'm always bitching about(I copped mine a couple of years ago at the wellston swap meet sealed for a buck)just throwin that out there to stroke my own ego I'm like an old lady who feels like she's gettin over with double coupons for prune juice and has to tell everybody about it.who gives a shit.


alex supertramp said...

muddy -- just discovered Sain the other day thanks to j-thyme... and now to find a second offering of righteous samba-laced funk ... sooo happy and just wanted to say thanks for spreading the good word..

Anonymous said...

Thanks,You should also check a couple of post down and grab that Ricco Wake & Tyrome Burrell 45,it was produced by Sain and is SUPER ILLIN'

dee said...

Dude can you PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE re-post this LP!!??!?!!?

I have been breaking my back all over for it! LOL

thanks if u do!! and if u dont! LOL