Monday, May 21, 2007

Just A Freindly Reminder

It has come to my attention that some of us beatmaking cats out there are sampling some of these mp3's.I'm not going to act the wax-nazi and call you all wack ass toys,it's your thing do what you wanna do.My intentions were to give a reference point for other diggers,so they could spend wisely,but it's outta my hands once I put it out there.
Hip-Hop was born from the wax,without the wax,hip-hop evolves into something else.It's still hip-hop,but to some of the older cats it's your grandkids 30 years later,all fucked up on some silly shit that you can barely recognize.The wax kept our ears grounded to timeless sound that nobody seems to have the time or money for these days.The sounds of the past also gave us perspective on the future.Bam saw it comin with planet rock.I'm still waiting for "our" Miles Davis or James Brown or Sly and the Family Stone or Jimi Hendrix.Those dudes set the soundtrack for change and the world followed.We in the present need cats like that more than ever.The artist these days are suited to what ever the corporation wants and most of them bit the hook,baited with morbidly,obese,capitalism a long time ago.We were all conditioned to be a tool by televison and school.Where the fuck am I going with this!?
I don't know.
I can see the future.I just think it's too early to abandon the wax when you can still find dollar bins (or maybe not with the petroleum about tapped they will eventually stop making records.I"M GONNA BE RICH WITH ALL MY BLACK GOLD!!!!!)
I'm just sayin to you new breed don't forget about the wax.some of you will call me an elitist blah blah.whatever.I used to make it a point to flip the shittiest dollar bin records known to man,but even beyond that,the sounds I never would of heard if I had depended on someone else to do the dirty work.All the shit posted on 'THE DOLLAR BIN' with the exception of 1 post was found for a buck or less.and that one post was to prove a point that dollar bin records give you more bang for your don't use lack of funds as an excuse to leave records behind.maybe in another 10 years I will feel different.The future of digging will be digital.That's why I'm polluting the internet with with my seeds now,some kid,30 years from now will stumble across an archive of beats I made,flip something and give it a new face and I live on in the Secretsoundsystem.
Just so my intentions are not misunderstood here's something my man ,Sean P. found, that is very illin' but I won't touch until I can find the wax.the only thing I can tell you about this is,I think Ray Cooper was an English studio drummer can't tell you shit else.a whole track of very nasty drums If any body can tell me where this came from it would be most appreciated.
Ray Cooper and Barry Morgan-Impulsion


chris said...

well just think of it this way, beat digging will be ALOT easier 30 years from now... lol

Jon said...

Bummed to have missed out on what you posted. I have tracks from these albums on compilations, I'd love to hear the whole albums.