Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Exodus

Desert music,particularly the"high"desert.I,m pullin up stakes and heading west.My friend,who has the balls and enough money,has some really awesome ideas for a spot of land somewhere around Taos,New Mexico.Anyways the predicament is...I will be without the numb comforts of civilization except for this I-pod that Czechmate found one day in the loop.(I have my suspicions about how "he found it")I'm filling it with some essentials which is a fucking tedious project in it's own right.I also realize that I will be without a means to dig any thing but holes in the desert.I always need fresh sounds as much as fresh women,the tunes are the only thing I may be able to do something about.(fresh women Is hard enough already,imagine the desert)

This is where you all can help yer mans out out in his time of need.If you ever downloaded anything from me and thought it to be on the ILL,then it would be very awesome of you to send me just one song that you would want to hear in the desert with nothing but a head full of hash some mountains in your backyard and an old,rusty, schoolbus,you call home.That's the scene good people now give me some soundtrack!I don't care about genres or any of that bullsheet.Whatever is clever,what would fill the soul if you were in my shoes.I'm leaving in 3 days you can hit me up at.
headline :desert I know the deal.
I'll try to post a goodbye joint before I leave.No promises but good intentions.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tropea/Self Titled

Have a couple other records by this cat,he's usually good for a couple of hot joints.

Esther Phillips with Beck/What A Diffrence A Day Will Make

Has some funky moments on it but not as hot as the cover would appear.