Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ricco Wake & Tyrome Burrell-Smash Inflation/Pleasure Seekers,Vanessa 45-Sweet Heat from a Leaf Sweep

Such sweet serendipitous slabs of inSain St. Louis soul - I try and shake off my slackery so as to feed you fiends - hold steady, waxie, you'll get your fix - As muddy and I recover from the St. Patty's day shamrockery and grapple with the lofty weight of Axelrodian revelations I am transported to another time (3 years ago) and place (3 miles away) - This was a darker time in my life when my main responsibilities included finding a ride to the methadone clinic, the probation office, and passing drug tests at both places - If Burroughs had written "Junkie" to be twice as long and focused as heavily on wax as on dope you would have a good picture of nearly 10 years of my life - my digging was relegated to the thrift stores and flea markets which I'm kind of partial to anyway, but they aren't very consistent - Jobless and aimless, moms gets me a gig doing yardwork for her friend Aunt Shirley (not my real aunt by relation but probably everyone's aunt by kindred ship) - I show up the first day she shows me where the rakes and shovels and shit are in the garage - I go out and work for a while and return to get a new implement - I grab a rake, move some stuff, and pick up some bags and then BANG! there it is a full crate - The front record was "Here, My Dear" - My leg started twitching and shaking uncontrollably - I began sweating profusely - My trembling hand quickly dug through the gold dust - The crate was stacked, everything from early Motown to later Miles; Weather Report to Funkadelic - I tried to keep busy with the yard work until Aunt Shirley got home - When she did, I inquired manically about the records, asking if instead of her paying me I could just take the records - "Oh, Lord, those 'ol things? I forgot they were out there. You'd be doing me a favor taking them. I think there's a box of 45's around here somewhere." I shifted some piles in the garage and found the booty under some leaves - Just as scorching as the first crate - Among the bounty was a 45 by an artist I'd never heard of on a label I'd never heard of - The only indication of the molten core contained within was the producer - St. Louis' sainted soul savior Oliver Sain - Aunt Shirley gave me the records and paid me anyway cuz that's how Aunt Shirley rocks it - Good fortune berths good fortune thus, enjoy some of the nastiest funk, and all its karmic implications, to come out of the STL - God Bless You, Aunt Shirley - In closing, seek solace in the siren sounds you pleasure seeking, inflation smashing, Oliver Saints


thebeathunters said...

man, your posts keep getting better and better, not only musically but on the writing tip. a writer writes, they say. fact is: you're a genuine one and your stories have the best soundtrack this side of the universe. this one is a like a crate digger's dream come true!

for all these reasons,be prepared to become my favorite spot online

and thanks for the perception albums:i sure had spotted them on the muse catalog reaching awfully ridiculous prizes in european records conventions so your sharing is a true gift. seems like there's a fourth one, if you feel like throwin' it sometimes we'll get full circle. i found very little info about the group, on either discogs or dusty groove so if you could send the names of the players and some background i'll appreciate.hope to read/hear from you soon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mad love you've shown us,cousin.not much is known about this group,I think I heard that they were from Philly.the core personel is as follows.
Eddie Green-keys
Odean Pope-tenor sax & flute
Tyrone Brown-bass
Sherman Ferguson-percussion

then there would be 5 or 6 other cats that would revolve from album to album but the core line-up would remain.Also,you are right about the fourth album,it's called Unity,when I can score a better copy I will post it.A gnarley warp and some vicious gouges make for a hard listen but thanks for the feedback again.I Try and post on both blogs at least once a week,usually on sundays but with all the positive reinforcement I am inspired to post all week.also if there's any gems you are looking for let me know,if I got it I will make it a priority.Keep on keepin' on,cousin